Strategic Storytelling

The alchemical process of crafting stories with impact. We think of stories as tools; and we’re tool-builders—in print, video, and multimedia. Every culture—whether it's a business, an organization, a family, or a nation—is constructed by the stories it tells. People respond to powerful stories; we remember them. We pass them on. Stories change us.


Just back from a two-week production trip to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, which has one of the largest U.S. expat communities in Latin America. Here’s the big surprise: the expat life is not just for retirees and movie stars; it’s not only about sunny climates and umbrella drinks. In a quiet trend that demographers and sociologists have missed, young middle-class Americans are leaving home to raise their kids abroad. This is a provocative story about a changing America. And we’re aiming to tell it.
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